Mishpatim – When Things Fall Apart

By | 31/01/2019

There is a misconception as if the belief in God brings assurance into life. But the truth is that there is nothing more frightening than facing what seems as the unfairness of the divine providence. And there is no one more than Moses to testify about that.

The Midrash tells a story about the time Moses asked to see the future. Time after time he could not accept what God revealed in front of his eyes. “Shut up, that is the thought that came by me” was the only answer he received.

You can save money to protect yourself, pray, or collect good deeds, hoping for good karma, but not even once you had been promised that it works this way. You still might find yourself at the moment “When Things Fall Apart”.

“And the people stood afar off, but Moses drew near unto the fog where God was”.

Exodus 20

The only way to imitate God goodness in the world is by stop standing in the safe place, and drawing yourself into the fog, accepting that as a living creature, you can’t understand the nature of reality. The only way to be close to God is to leave behind the definitions and illusions and be open to the uncertainty of life. Whatever that is :-\

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